The investment in social intervention that biovilla assumes is based in a continuous effort in education, training, community sharing and strengthening of social ties - this is the way to reach a more balanced and sustainable society. This effort must be parallel to all economic, social and age groups and mobilize all citizens in a single cohesive and coherent movement. Thus, the socio-educational approach of biovilla includes a set of actions:

Local Community Projects

Active participation and promotion of socio-cultural activities in the region where biovilla is located with a special focus on sports, environmental and cultural activities. In this context, we have already developed partnerships with some organizations and groups such as Jovens para o Desenvolvimento,  Centro Social de Palmela, Experimentáculo, among other local organizations.

Training Courses

Biovilla wants to have a role in Portugal of great importance and relevance in training on subjects such as Sustainability, Permaculture & Transition and personal development. These three pillars are the starting point of Biovilla's educational offer and can vary from daily workshops to 15 days courses. This is totally aligned with Biovilla's Business Plan.

Volunteering Projects

Biovilla intends to actively promote regular volunteering in its region as a way of promoting proactivity and community participation. In parallel, biovilla welcomes all European Voluntary Service (EVS) and WWOOFers (volunteers on organic farms) thus contributing to the expansion and promotion of international volunteering.

Entrepreneurship and self-sufficiency

In regards to Sustainability and (Youth) Entrepreneurship Biovilla plays an important role of motivator, educator, booster and aggregator, specifically in its region of impact and in whole Portugal. Biovilla is an example of hosting training sessions, of providing advice and support, promoting networks of local partnerships and supporting micro and local producers. Biovilla is key in developing strategies to apply in private and public investments.

Exchanges and Youth Programs

Under the umbrella of the Youth in Action Programme and the Grundvtig Programme, biovilla organizes and promote national and international youth exchanges. These projects focus is to empower our youngster  with a set of social, environmental and economic tools that allow citizens to be more active, responsible, healthy, fair and sustainable.

Research and Education Center

In a near future Biovilla envisions an Education Centre for Sustainability (ECS) focused on a long-term research not only in the personal Development level but also in Permaculture. Education in the center of our actions.






Filipa Santos

In 2007 I completed five years of study in Equipment Design at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Lisbon. In September 2009 I started in permaculture, making the Permaculture Design Course of 72 hours. In 2008 I co-started the implementation of The Fojo project Permaculture, I developed projects of Design and Planning in Permaculture, I did a course of Transition Town Initiatives (Transition Network). Part of my life is dedicated to events management, volunteering and work programs, as well as to training and empowerment of all of those who want to be the change they (we) wish to see in the World! Few years I attended Ecovillage Design Education (Gaia Education) training in the Sieben Linden community (Germany) and also a People and Permaculture (Living in Circles) training. I study and practice various management tools and personal development techniques, such as: Forum, Way of Council, Non-Violent Communication, Questioning, group dynamics with adults, among others.

Filipe Alves

Degree in Economics ISCTE, apprenticed in the Department of Forecasting and Planning INETI, worked as an international volunteer in Environmental Engineering Group in Serbia, as Researcher at the Center for Scientific Research in Auroville, India, and as a Consultant for Sustainability in Other Signs - Organizational Consulting Lda.

Founding member of several organizations (including the AEGEE - Lisbon), Filipe is since 2007 President of the Ecolution (Non-governmental organization for the defense of the environment) and a proactive member of the Portuguese civil society throughout the collaboration with various organizations, foundations and cooperatives. In 2008 was the Portuguese Ambassador of the Program Climate Change College sponsored by Ben & Jerry's and World Wildlife Foundation. In 2009 he took the Design Course Permaculture has since then dedicated efforts to the transition process. It is currently a EU's trainer in Portugal certified by the National Agency for the Youth in Action Programme. In Biovilla assumes the roles of Management and of Pilar Learning responsible.



In our point of view it is not possible to achieve true sustainability without re-drawing the whole paradigm of education / training. In the Learning pilar we have the principle, and main goal, of shifting paradigms and consciousness towards a future that we all want: more balanced, equitable, fair, healthy, peaceful ... in a word, a more conscious future.

Education / Training

i) Non-formal education valuing learning methodologies that focus on diversity and own uniqueness of each individual, to allow freedom of expression, to bring complementarity between theory and practice, the indoor training with outdoor training, technical and operational component and through total transparency and openness allow for the full experience

ii) EHolistic Education that embraces the different parts of each of us and that allow the construction of complete beings in line with its own essence and in line with its own mission

iii) Continuous experimentation and evolution in terms of methods, techniques and learning models


i) Education at fair and affordable prices to enable the participation of as many people as possible

ii) Possibility of "exchange" time, labor, materials and other currencies in return of courses / retreats / workshops

iii) Local Education Funds which aims to provide our partners, neighbors and the most disadvantaged within our local community free or substantially funded participation in our courses / retreats / workshops


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