Accelerate natural succession in areas degraded by fires or by human activities development


Plant ingredients in mixed regime of native flora of Arrabida Natural Park


Generate horticulture in beds combined with the Food Bosque extensively and "biodiversity islands"


Create a nursery of plants, trees and wild shrubs from Arrabida National Park flora


Biovilla intends to develop an agricultural activity in harmony with nature without pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. Inspired by the combination of organic farming, biodynamic but particularly in Permaculture (combining traditional farming techniques with modern and take into account the natural functioning of ecosystems) and their local distribution. Bringing these disciplines together allows us to reach the goal of production and processing of different agricultural products and services, all of it while we take care and promote the natural heritage of the Arrábida Natural Park (ANP). We believe that this type of farming, is not only appropriate given to ANP but it is also a model to the future. Because in one hand these agricultural practices and value are integrated in the natural processes and local resources, and on the other hand, these projects are developing economic activities in close interdependence with the natural heritage and the local community.

With the products produced and/or processed the goal is to, in a medium/long term, overcome the veggie and fruit needs of Lisbon and Setúbal, and afterwards their respective metropolitan areas. Our aim, when it comes to this particular point, is to produce quality products at affordable prices respecting their own natural timings. Therefore the techniques used by us have clear goals: protect and promote polyculture, reach different ecological "niches".

The agricultural implementation will be based in Permaculture techniques, that as a whole recreate the ideal conditions to develop a biological agriculture. These techniques have advantages in picking products but they also maximize different cultures and the efficient use of the soil. As a result we minimize the possibility of unwanted plants, for example but also a highly productive garden.



In Biovilla more than produce healthy, natural and tasty products our intention is to design agricultural systems that are rich and resilient and that bring life and sustainability to our daily life. We do not consider ourselves farmers, gardeners or landscapers, we are permacultures and designers of landscapes.

Food Forest

The dream is "to have a forest at your doorstep", to protect and live among the natural heritage, to feel on a daily basis the wonders of nature and also the dream is to contribute to the development and enhancement Arrábida Natural Park. The mission is to plant numerous trees of native forest, accelerating the process of ecological succession. At the same time the mission is to recreate the production of a complex natural ecosystem, adapting it to our needs.

Raised Beds

These are not real "beds", so no one sleeps on these...on these all are fully awake. Our raised beds system is designed as sinusoidal structures and are aimed for agricultural production of rich and complex polycultures of horticultural, aromatic and fruit trees. These are "raised" because it raises about 1m height from the floor and inside these have constant organic material to generate progressive decomposition, straw, manure and dirt. Our raised beds have 1 km in length...come meet them!


i) delivery of baskets directly to consumers, strengthening links and allowing a direct feedback between Biovilla and its consumers

ii) Fair values to get our products to as many people as possible

iii) Agriculture not dependent on oil resources but based on renewable resources such as wind, sun and water





100% BIO

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