Our 2020 Vision:

To achieve a thriving regeneration of our ecological, social and economic landscape with a living, autochthonous and edible agroforest, a strong and resilient local learning community and a thriving, real and sustained economy that serves as a model for creating social value worldwide. Also to be a place of convergence and sharing of sustainability best practices in Portugal and in the World.

Biovilla was born to respond to a growing social demand for new and innovative
integrated solutions that contextualize and structure the rapid change we live in and
enable us to navigate these waves of opportunity with a porpuse, meaning, coherence, justice and sustainability. This means Biovilla continues to give the possibility to thousands of people passing by our forest to have sustainability experiences and to be
agents of social change, with tools of management and social innovation and a holistic and integrated perspective of different knowledges, techniques and systems.

We want to create a positive ecological footprint. So, Biovilla is focused on contributing Sustainable Development Objective 12 - Sustainable
Consumption. These are our most important practices: zero-waste practices. Opting for
non-packaging products and using all the organic waste to produce compost for our soils; we plant thousands of trees a year; we do not attack the environment with any chemicals
from food, cosmetics and cleaning products (we hope to inspire our guest to do so as well); our garden is certified 100% Bio; we always choose circular economy when possible; we have a conscious use and reuse of water; through solar energy we live autonomously. We generate our own energy. We are energetically efficient.

We believe that a true cooperative project has the role to developed strategies that
serve social, environmental and economic purposes in a conscious, coherent and
sustainable way. But more than a good management plan, we believe that it is equally
important to keep the intention and purpose of living basis in the cooperative so that
the values shape and remain untouched by financial or social pressures. With responsibility, we realize that by keeping values ​​firm, resources appear to shape the content. The structure is fundamental to the success of any project, but the intention that is put in
what one wants to offer the world, is peremptory for the vitality of the work that develops.

We actively contribute to the following ODS:

We were presented by the municipal council of Palmela with a Municipal Medal of Merit in Sustainable Tourism.

We are very proud that we can receive such recognition and we will do everything to continue our work and honor that trust.

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