Biovilla is opening heart and doors for anyone who wants to live with us for at least a week to experience community. People in transition, digital nomads and passionate about sustainability in general, can now spend some time with us 

The Co-liver contributes a symbolic value for simple accommodation in a shared room (€10 per night) and contributes a few tasks per day to the community. For the rest, you will have time to enjoy, learn, rest or work digitally in Nature.

- Valid from January to May

- Minimum stay of 7 nights

- Willingness to share the common tasks

- Love to give

- If you decide not to eat whit us, please make sure you are responsible for your own meals

- Bring as less packaging as possible (mainly plastics) to biovilla

- Do not cook neither meat nor fish - we are vegetarians :)

- Bring as many local / organic products - toxics are not welcome :) 

- You can request a set of linen and towels for €10

- You can have lunch and dinner with us for €8 per meal

- Soon we will have our grocery store ready for everyone to buy essential goods without having to move around :)


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