In biovilla we fulfill individual dreams shaping collective dreams. We do our best to create environments that serve us all. We hear us and we all have a saying in the cooperative matters. We are friends, partners and associates. We focus on solutions as a way to solve the obstacles. 


We know that biovilla is a bigger project than its cooperants or physical space and until it is standing, the community around us will have food, shelter and companionship.


This is a place of innovation, experimentation and union with focus on Sustainability. We look into the unlimited human creativity for solutions and alternatives to the major current challenges.  


We build common ground and together we believe we actually can bring something different to the world. Our home is always a home to all. Thus, in biovilla, sustainability is in every corner and breathing air.




Contribute to the social, economic and environmental development of our country through practical and innovative business models that bring sustainability at the center of its action. Bringing Sustainability to the daily life of everyone.


The biovilla intends to be a reference in Sustainability, recognized nationally and internationally until 2016.


Biovilla as a brand transcends a physical component of a product or service. It intends to be recognized as a concept and option of a sustainable lifestyle, enabling customers to access sustainable products and services at fair and reasonable prices. Biovilla want to be seen as a brand of reliable products and sustainable services, making available all the tools, new models and services that promote and enhance awareness of sustainability practices and its benefits.




Biovilla aims to promote social, economic and environmental development in an integrated and balanced manner through practical and innovative business models that place sustainability at the center of its action.



Production, distribution and selling of organic products from fair trade or local farmers.



Creation of training sessions in the area of sustainability with a main goal:  train and educate for sustainability in order to provide relevant education experiences, transforming one heart at a time.



Construction of a safe place in the form of Nature Tourism, which serves as the basis of experiential experience for a more sustainable world.

All this is based in feasible business model. We do our part and we try to lead towards a sustainable ecosystem in companies, in our government and our people.

Because for biovilla, Sustainability, is already here ...



Biovilla intends to be the brand in Portugal where the concept of sustainability is entirety implemented - where the values and the environmental, social and economic ideals are interconnected in a consistent and efficient manner.

For Biovilla...

Sustainability is the ability to achieve an inter-generational balance of resources (human, natural and economic).




“If you have come here to help me, you are wasting our time.
But if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”
Lilla Watson

How to be part of biovilla? Get to know our history and join the family!

Biovilla finally opened its doors! If sustainability and happiness are important to you and don't know how to bring both to your life, then join us! We've done a lot, but we have so much to be done ...

We are always looking for people passionate about building a better world, for people that want to be part of our family or that want to rely on already existing structure in order to develop their projects within the cooperative or out. We are here to support each other and to bring to the world all what we believe in!

So we are looking for: marketers, designers, storytellers, permacultures, hospitality technicians, persons that love to get their "hands dirty", trainers, facilitators, engineers, managers, carpenters, dreamers, gardeners, artists, amateurs or professionals, it doesn't matter ... We are basically looking for people who care about people and the earth. For whom wants to take action. For whom truly wants to make a contribution and probably do not know where to start - or maybe already know where to start, it's missing a little push. Please join us!

What we can offer: exchange services, love, accommodation, participation in training sessions, good conversations, resources' sharing, internships / job positions, etc.

Contact us by mail to: to start the conversation!

See you soon in Biovilla!




Legally, what is biovilla?

Biovilla is a consumer cooperative, which has 18 co-workers and it was founded on February 12, 2010. Biovilla has a corporate name such as BVLL - Cooperative for Sustainable Development CRL.

The biovilla is an ecovillage?

No. Biovilla is a Sustainability and Permaculture project which aims to be a place of experimentation. The goal is to represent a balanced and stable equilibrium between the communities and ecovillage world and the best practices of (inter)national companies and cooperatives, therefore aggregate the best of both worlds. In practice biovilla is a project of nature tourism, sustainable agriculture and Education for Sustainability that materializes in the Arrábida Natural Park.

Can I visit biovilla?

Obviously! Biovilla opens its doors to visitors, curious, students, professors, Nature lovers. We preferably invite all interested visiting us to do it on Open Days that we regularly organize. Stay tuned to our social networks. 

Can I live in biovilla?

Biovilla is a project of nature tourism, sustainable agriculture and Education for Sustainability that takes place in the center of Arrábida Natural Park. Therefore construction area is limited and there is no possibility of creating conditions for housing. Either way, for those who are interested in permaculture and in transitioning to a more sustainable way of life, we motivate you to find a space nearby so we can share and work together towards a more resilient and happy future.

How can I be part of biovilla?

There are 4 main forms of collaboration and cooperation with biovilla:

i) A part of the family
ii) Become a cooperant of biovilla
iii) Become an investor / donor of biovilla
iv) Be our friend on our social networks (Facebook and Instagram), follow our activities and share your ideas!

Is Biovilla linked to any political party or religious/social movement?

No. Biovilla is an organization with no links to any political party or religious/social movement. While an independent entity but interdependent Biovilla seeks to support movements such as the Transition Movement, the Eco Villages Movement, Citizenship Movements and permaculture networks. Even though Biovilla is not legally bound to any of these movements and is not responsible for their activities. Biovilla goals is while defending what believes, keep its own identity.

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